We'll chat for 90 minutes about anything and everything involved with running a successful photography business. We will cover everything from posing/directing, making clients comfortable in front of the camera, how to attract your ideal clients, creating a full time job out of your passion, everything to do with contracts & invoices, editing & workflow, social media tips & branding your business to reflect who you are at the core! 

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Let's hang, drink some coffee & hone in on your brand! We'll meet at a coffee shop, where we will go over the questions you have prepared for me. We will chat for two hours about your strengths, and how you can create the best brand & grow a business that reflects you. This is YOUR time, so whatever you want to know, we'll cover. I'm an open book! 

Then we will head out to photograph a styled shoot that I have put together to fit with your vision for your brand. We will spend 1.5 - 2 hours shooting together at an epic location. I'll show you how to create a comfortable zone for your clients to be their playful selves. I'll pose & direct them and show you how to get a variety of shots for your clients. You will learn how to make the most out of golden hour & how to shoot in different types of light. You'll also get in front of the camera to see what it feels like to be on the other side, plus you'll have some images to showcase on your social media!

Next, we will eat while we edit images from the session together. I will show you my workflow and we can go through your portfolio as well, if you're up for some critique! 

These sessions are 6 hours long and take place on the Sunshine Coast, BC and Vancouver, BC. If you wanna fly me out for the day to hang, I am totally down! There is the option to add hours to your day one on one mentorship date.

You may also share your half day mentorship with a friend. The cost of the 2:1 Mentorship is $1200 but you split the cost with a friend and have an absolute blast!

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