"I want you to share your love in it's truest, rawest form so that I can reflect your relationship in images for generations to come."

- Laura xo

Engagement sessions are such a lovely way to bond before your big day; not only with each other but with your photographer! Trust me, I know all too well how hard it is when you are standing in front of a camera. You're thinking "I don't know how to pose. I don't want to look cheesy." Well, guess what! I don't want that either! That is why my sessions are totally relaxed; we will walk around a forest, or beach, or field (or we can stay in and capture you both snuggled up in your home) and just chat and take some photos. I will tell you where to stand and I will prompt you with questions or actions to make each other laugh or smile. I want you to feel completely comfortable when I arrive on your wedding day -- like an old friend that you can share some laughs and embarrassing stories with -- not someone to pull you away from the fun of your wedding day to take some stiff, awkward photos. That is why I include engagement sessions with my wedding packages that are 8 hours or longer. Believe me, after your complimentary session you will lose that fear of being in front of the camera, and see it more as an opportunity to have your true selves captured. AND you will know my style so well that we can make the most out of your portrait session on your wedding day!


Engagement & Couples Sessions $600