you are the madly in love, the dreamers, the rebels, the wild ones. You are the couple who will sneak off during your reception to head to the best view point for golden hour photos. you are a-ok with kicking your shoes off to run barefoot on the beach and dancing the night away. you are adventurous; and yeah, sure...your hair might get messy, and your dress & shoes may get a little bit dirty, but when all is said and done you are going to look back on the images from your day, feeling every emotion from your day, from every laughing fit to tear filled moment. you will remember the way the wind blew your hair as you read your heartfelt vows to the love of your life. you won't remember how your updo came a little bit loose because you will be remember how he swept you off your feet to twirl you around on the sand bar.

one thing I will say is if you want your photos to be romantic, evocative and honest to your love story, you can't hold anything back. give me all the details & for goodness sakes, snuggle, dance, have tickle fights and grab that booty. Whatever is true to your relationship, in it's quirkiest and silliest of moments, share it with me! this is not about creating cold, statuesque images and posing like models, this is about capturing your relationship in its most true and raw form. 

you want honest images, trust me. You don't want to replicate images you found on pinterest. you want all the details of your day documented as it unfolds. you want the images with the tears, the clenched hands as your read your vows, the booty grabs (did i already say that?), the kisses, the hands in the hair, the real moments. your love story is unique, it's personal. there is no other couple in this world that shares the same story & bond that you share. so i am not going to capture your personal love story to look like someone elses. period.

i live for capturing the small moments you don't know are happening, the glances, the laughter the way your parents hold hands while they read their speeches together. I also adore movement & beautiful florals.(Bonus points to brides with veils and flowy dresses!) my favourite weddings are the ones with soul; the ones centered around your love, family, friends & being present.

if you feel like this is what you are looking for in wedding photography, give me a shout! i look forward to hearing all about your love story and how i can capture your day to best represent who you are as a couple.


Laura xo


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