Hi! I'm Laura

Hey you! Thanks for visiting my page and considering me to photograph your wedding day. My name is Laura and I live on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. And these two in the photos below are the ones my heart beats fasted for. Meet my man, Dean and our beautiful 2 year old daughter, Olivia.

Throughout my life, I have spent many Saturday mornings dusting off old photo albums and flipping through the pages. I discovered a connection to photography in those younger years; the beauty of capturing a single moment for all of eternity. I admired photo after photo of my family's history, a history that I would have never been a part of otherwise. I relived lives, stories, and milestones; each image unfolded a new chapter of my family's story. That is where my love and passion of capturing life was born.

I am an emotional person -- and while I have been told my whole life that this is a negative trait, I find it helps me thrive as a wedding photographer -- when you are clenching each other hands while you read your vows and rubbing the tears off of each others cheeks, I will be misting up behind my camera. When your mom tells stories of your childhood and how proud she is of the person you have become, when your dad grabs your hand for your father-daughter dance and whispers jokes into your ear and your face lights up, you will see me brush tears away again, because I know how much these moments mean. It isn’t lost on me. Moments like these are fleeting. These are the moments of powerful love, when our loved ones hold nothing back. And I am going to photograph these moments as if they were my own, savouring every last detail, glance, hug and every word spoken. 

Laura xo

Photo by Jennifer Picard

Photo by Jennifer Picard

Photos by The McLachlans

Photos by The McLachlans



I always wanted to be a mama to three little girls (I have one two year old and I feel extremely blessed)

I could live off of a 100% fruit diet. 

I have a deep fascination for the ocean & I believe that mermaids exist. (And I may have wished to be one up until a few years ago.)

I am obsessed with the stars and the immensity of the universe. I feel so blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful place where the stars blanket the night sky.

I am tall -- 5’11” (And, No I don't play basketball or volleyball.)

My happy place is snuggling on the couch or walking in the forest/hanging by the beach. (Probably barefoot because shoes are overrated)

I have always wanted to own a VW Van and to travel around North America, living the hippie life. 

I have been obsessed with the magic of capturing moments since I was 5 years old -- my mom bought me a few disposable cameras for every road trip we went on. She also bought me a digital camera for my birthday from age 18 - 23 hahaha. 

I have always been a night owl. My worst habit is staying up late. It's 2:40am right now (don't tell my mom) 

If you feel like we will connect well, drop me a line below and we can set up a phone / Skype date to see if I am a good fit for your special day!

Laura xo