Styled Elopement Session / Lindsay + JP / Whytecliff Park / Sunshine Coast BC Elopement and Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I shared the styled engagement part of this session with Lindsay and JP. As promised, here are the images of the second half of their session; the styled elopement. Instead of writing a blurb about these two, I asked Lindsay to write a little story of how they met to switch things up a bit!

"We met in the least romantic of places, in the most casual of ways. We both worked in oil and gas and were on a project in Cold Lake (exactly what it sounds like). I knew who JP was through email and a casual hello, but on a site with a male to female ratio of 30:1, I didn’t have much time for romance. I was there for a paycheck and a healthy dose of female empowerment (some of the BEST women you will ever meet have done camp work up north).
One day JP came to my desk, asking for something. I can’t even remember what it was. Maybe a stapler. Maybe my future children and the rest of my life (spoiler alert: that’s what he got). Either way, I gave him what he needed and ran out for a meeting. When I came back, there was a post-it on my keyboard.
‘Merci! -JP’ 

Man. So simple. My brain went into hyper drive. “He’s sweet, French AND gorgeous, give it a go!” So I tracked him down and asked him out for dinner. And he said yes. Our time together just felt different: like sitting across the table from a wise friend that I hadn’t seen in a while. He was genuinely interested in who I had become, what my dreams and perspectives were. It wasn’t long before we were exclusively, completely in love and on an adventure of our own. One of our best shared traits is that we march to our own beat. We just crossed paths at the right time and we were lucky enough to hear each other’s music. <3 "

Can we just all agree that they are super gorgeous and bad ass and awesome in every way possible?

I am looking forward to photographing these two and their son Jackson, soon!


L xo