Lifestyle Family Newborn Session / Jackson Graham / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

Recently, you read about the little man by the name of Jackson who couldn’t get into this world fast enough. “Action Jackson” as we like to call him. I was lucky enough to be there for his mother’s pregnancy, to capture his first hours in the world and to photograph him and his family in the comfort of their home.

I arrived at 10:30am to capture the family portion of the session first. Jennifer and Lillyanna were getting dressed in their matching pink dresses (how adorable is that?) and Michael was changing Jackson into a blue outfit to match his own button down shirt and denim jeans. We started with some shots of them on the white bedding in their bedroom. It was so beautiful to watch them all smile and bond with the new addition to their family.

Once we finished the family portion, Michael got Lillyanna down for a nap while Jennifer fed Jackson. I was able to capture a few photos of the parents with their new bundle of joy and then Jenny and I had a lot of fun collaborating. We used my props, wraps and hats, and her sentimental items; a white bear hat and a teddy bear. It was so much fun photographing Jackson, he was an absolute dream to capture. He slept the whole time. Jenny was loving the layouts I put together and the poses I was able to get him in.