Porpoise Bay Maternity Session / Jennifer, Michael + Lillyanna (and baby to be!) / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

When I decided I wanted to pursue my hobby as an actual career, I had many people sending words of support and interest in having me capture their forever moments. My cousin’s wife Jenny showed me so much encouragement in my new endeavour. She messaged me, asking  what type of photography I was hoping to capture. We had a lengthy conversation about the business and what my goals were. She told me that she would love to have me capture her in what would be her last pregnancy. It was the perfect timing! Jenny is one of the happiest, most optimistic, hard working women I have met. I wanted to capture that positivity, the happiness and the complete gratitude she has for her body and its ability to conceive.

I met Jennifer 3 years ago, when I moved back to the Sunshine Coast. I was so excited to meet my cousin’s new girlfriend, as I had only heard wonderful things about her. We quickly became good friends and found we shared many common interests and opinions. I value her friendship so much that she has quickly become a sister to Shauna (my blood sister) and I. Jenny is one of those people who has a positive spin on everything and a real “go getter” attitude. I tell you, there is nothing that can stop this beautiful soul from achieving anything she sets her mind to.

I remember the first time she was pregnant – with Lillyanna – she researched everything involved in pregnancy and parenting a infant/toddler. She gathered all of this information and from it made all of her own opinions and decisions on how she would birth and parent her little one. Jenny followed a very natural style of pregnancy and parenting, which I admired very much. Babies weren’t even on the radar for Dean and I at the time, as our relationship was VERY new but I thought, “When I become pregnant and when I become a mother, I want to do things the way Jenny is doing them!” I truly admired her as a woman, human being and mama to be.

Watching Jenny and Michael raise their daughter has been such an amazing journey to be a part of. Lillyanna is such a beautiful, courageous, strong-willed, free-spirited, curious 2 -and-a-half year old. She always has a smile on her face and is often running around the house, playing with her 3 dogs ( yes, THREE!) Jenny and Michael have done such an incredible job raising their daughter. I am truly in awe of the little family they have become. I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to capture their little family and the little one that has yet to join us Earth side. (What a lucky little one he is) I am so excited to encapsulate many more precious, fleeting moments for Michael and Jenny in the future!

I met Michael, Jenny and Lillyanna at Porpoise Bay Park two Saturday’s ago. We agreed that there was so much beautiful nature to be used in this maternity session. Originally we thought maybe Hidden Grove would be the best spot but we agreed that there wouldn’t be enough natural light for photos. Jenny told me that Lillyanna loves water so I thought starting in the forest for family photos would be best! Well, after about 5 minutes, Lilly started to walk into the creek, “Lillyanna DO NOT go in the creek!” She tip toes a little further “Lillyanna!” and off she went, up to her knees in the creek. If you know Lillyanna, she is as I said earlier in this post, a very free-spirited, curious little one. It really came as no surprise to any of us that she would want to play in the creek. Unfortunately this did put a stop to the family portion of the maternity session so Michael picked her up and took her home. This was just a bump in the road as we would finish the family photos when we went to the house later to shoot the milk bath photos!

Jennifer's kind words:

“Ive always been iffy about maternity photos for myself personally. I’m tired, nothing fits, and I just don’t feel like myself, but the experience I received from Laura changed all that. For the first time in eight and a half months, I felt energized, charismatic, and elegant. Her enthusiasm, encouraging words, and help with poses in the shoot fueled these feelings and gave me such confidence. The milk bath photos turned out to be pieces of art I will cherish forever. It was so comforting, the water made me feel weightless and Laura was amazing at making sure everything was in its perfect place; and I mean what pregnant women doesn’t want to relax in a warm tub surrounded with beautiful florals ?! I’m so happy I took this opportunity to work with Laura. Im forever grateful have these stunning images to look back on and be reminded of this blessed journey into motherhood.”