Fresh 48 Photography / Isabelle + Peyton / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

Last month, I photographed my very first birth session. The following day I arrived at the hospital to photograph the mother, Kat and her newborn son Kingston with the rest of their family, which is known as a "Fresh 48 Session". This is a session that is scheduled within the first 48 hours of a newborns life; it's a great option for parents who aren't too keen on having someone capture the private moments of their childs birth, but they want to encapsulate all of the tiny details of their newborns first hours, in a tasteful and very natural way.

It just so happened that as I was arriving to the hospital, I saw another couple who had contacted me about a Fresh 48 session. They were in the maternity ward with their one week old twins. Twins usually arrive early, which gives a little leeway for timing their sessions. Isabelle and Peyton were already a week old by the time I met them, but they still had that fresh newborn look.

I was so lucky to connect with their mom and dad, Carmen and Kevin, that day. They were so welcoming, inviting me into such a private moment and such a huge adjustment period for them. Twins are a whole different situation; Carmen had to pump and feed twice as much. They were changing twice as many diapers, but their hearts were twice as full. Seriously, these little girls are heartbreakers!

Congratulations again, Carmen and Kevin! I can't wait to share more photos from your newborn portraiture session!

Until next time, 

L xo