Mountain Couples Session / Brooke & Travis / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

SO, I have really been working on getting my old sessions blogged, but seriously you guys...I can not get over my recent outdoor couples and family sessions. SO I am sharing them NOW. 

We live in such a beautiful part of the world; we wake up every morning with fresh air, clean water, beautiful green trees that cover the mountains like a blanket. We enjoy warm sunny days in the Summer, crisp air and the transition of colours in Autumn, snow in the Winter and so many beautiful flowers and plants blooming in the Spring. We are surrounded by so much life and beauty, we should explore it as much as we can.

I love the concept of photographing families and couples in nature; whether you are dressed up or down, there is so much beauty to be enjoyed and discovered. If you're interested in booking one of these sessions, holla at cha girl! (Omg, did she just say that?...yes, it sounds better to me than "please fill out the contact form on the "let's talk" page) 

Now, about Brooke and Travis! These two, I tell ya! They are the REAL DEAL. These two have been together for years and you can tell just by their connection. Brooke and Travis are "mountain people", they spend most of their weekends driving up the dirt roads to adventure together. How perfect is it that they will have these images for centuries to come!? Brooke loved my vision and Travis got into it by picking the best spots once we were up there. They brought their dog Xerxes and we walked all around the mountain, where they have been many times together. We headed up on a Sunday afternoon - before Thanksgiving dinner - and I had such a blast! 

Until next time, 

L xo