West Coast Couples Session / Dominique and Lachlin / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

About a month ago I met with Dominique and Lachlin at Strait Coffee in Wilson Creek. Because of the crazy October weather and all of that rain, we had to reschedule a few times. But, on the day of this shoot, the sun peaked out just as we arrived at one of the local beaches.  It was perfect! 

Dominique and Lachlin are so natural in front of the camera. They didn't need any direction from me and it's actually ridiculous how photogenic they are. During almost the entire session, these two were cracking jokes and laughing so hard, while still managing to look incredible in every shot. You can tell that they share a very genuine love and respect for one another and I had so much fun chatting with them about how they met. (Who doesn't love those stories?)

I love witnessing this type of love and I am so happy for both of these lovely humans that they have found each other in this crazy world. 

Hold on, friends...this session is a doozy! (There may be a bum grab photo...and a lack of coffee in some cups...haha)