Family Lifestyle Session / The Gilroy Family / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

A month ago I met with Gera, Matt and their lovely daughter Mackenzie at Porpoise Bay Park on the Sunshine Coast, BC. They came looking very stylish and I LOVED that. Umm, Matt was wearing a suit! Men, take notes! I truly believe in dressing up for your photo sessions or creating outfits that work well together. Timeless, classic looks with neutral tones and pops of colour are my favourite pieces of advice for clients when they are unsure of what to wear. If you would like more tips on what to wear for YOUR session you can check out my pinterest page here. OR you can just keep reading until you get to the Gilroy's family session because they rocked their outfits!

Gera and Matt have such a beautiful connection and the love that they share clearly has influenced their daughter Mackenzie to be just as sweet. She is one lucky little girl! I absolutely adored watching the connection between all three of them; the way Mackenzie would run to the water but her parents were already one -- er, make that FIVE -- steps ahead of her! The smile on her face when her dad would show her the turtle puppet he brought, was priceless. The way she would giggle when her Mama tickled her was the sweetest sound! The three of them shared SO many giggles and smiles during our session, despite the cold and cloudy day! I am just so excited about this session and I am so happy to share it with all of you.

Until next time,

L xo