Beach & Milk Bath Maternity Session / The Gower Family / Sunshine Coast BC Photographer

There aren't enough kind words to describe Katie and Brodie. They are truly lovely people and I am so thankful to have been able to capture not only their pregnancy and their daughter's newborn photos, but also their recent Autumn family lifestyle session. (Yes, this blog post is coming after all three sessions!--I am finally finding time to catch up on all of this.) 

I love growing with my clients, to be a witness in their BIG changes and stages. Most people don't believe that I have only been at this since April of this year. It was a dream of mine that I never followed because of one of the blocks that we put in front of our dreams... fear. Fear of the unknown, of putting myself out there, of changing careers in the midst of a few HUGE personal life changes.  I let go of it, I put myself out there and I let go of that huge roadblock of fear.  And guess what? Beautiful things began to unfold for me.

I remember reaching out to Katie, a girl I had known for years as an acquaintance. I messaged her after photographing a close friend's maternity photos. I wanted to capture another maternity session as there is something so beautiful about being a part of such a pivotal moment in another person's life. After just recently experiencing that stage in life, myself, I felt that I could capture the beauty of pregnancy in an authentic way. 

Since that moment that I first let go of my apprehension, I gained not only a friend, but a support in my business and personal life. Katie has truly been there since the beginning of this endeavour, when it was really just a dream that I had. We have grown together as women, as mothers and we have witnessed each other pursue new endeavours. (Katie is a wicked good seamstress -- she makes the BEST harem pants for babies!) I can't thank her enough for all of her kindness, her many recommendations and her encouragement over these past few months. 

Katie and Brodie are such lovely souls and amazing parents. I am so blissfully happy for the both of them. Norah is an absolute sweetheart, and I know she is so lucky to have them as parents.  But, more on that in their next blog post! <3

Enjoy! :)

L xo